Selling blog for pet items

I've recently created a selling blog for all of my pet items. My hubby calls our pups Mowzers instead of Bowzers so I thought that would be a great name for a Pet clothing biz. Check it out!

At Mowzers you will find a wonderful assortment of pet items including clothing, collars, leashes, bandanas, pet toys and more. Please be patient though and check back often. I'm currently working on building up my stock and will be adding it as I get it completed.

Any questions you may have you can contact me at

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adorable Handmade Pet Apparel

I've recently acquired two of the cutest Pocket Beagles in the WORLD! Being a seamstress and having small dogs - it just goes hand in hand that I would start making outfits for them. he he he So my newest creations are going to be Handmade Pet Apparel. I've finished two dresses thus far and am having the time of my life! Unfortunately my little Peanut is not quite as overjoyed about it as I am. tee hee hee

Here she is in a Prom Dress I made out of my daughters old Prom Dress. Going green is my thing!

And here is a cute little Red Polka Dot dress that I'm sure will look cute on anyone's furbaby!

Be sure to email me at for any custom orders for your furbabies. Keep watching for more cute pet apparel to come - especially for what ideas I will come up with for some little boy outfits.