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I've recently created a selling blog for all of my pet items. My hubby calls our pups Mowzers instead of Bowzers so I thought that would be a great name for a Pet clothing biz. Check it out!

At Mowzers you will find a wonderful assortment of pet items including clothing, collars, leashes, bandanas, pet toys and more. Please be patient though and check back often. I'm currently working on building up my stock and will be adding it as I get it completed.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rag Quilt Pincushions

Anyone that does sewing can appreciate the size of these rag quilt pincushions. Plenty of space for lots of pins and adorable to boot! How can it get any better?

These were very easy and quick to put together. Stuffed tightly with poly-fil and topped off with cute buttons! If you like the looks of these you can find them at my auction sites called Black Kat Kreations and Modern Cherokee Designs or my website at Caterpillar Cottage.

I'm working on a tutorial so anyone can make these. Perfect items for beginners. So make sure to check back often!



Dani said...

Those are really cute, Queet....I have pieces of an old quilt, would that work too?

Gingerbread said...

I make knitted pincushions, and this collection is interesting they look really good. Julie.C